Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Quick Word on 1982's Tron

Before we get to the TRON: Legacy review let's spend a moment on the original - 1982's Tron

Ah, Tron: the film that sported ground-breaking effects and a striking look that's still pretty strong. The film that inspired John "Pixar" Lasseter to embrace computer animation (for that alone we should be eternally grateful to all involved). The film that might have achieved classic status were it not for the fact that it's so downright dull. Disney, it appears, are painfully aware of this fact and have attempted to hide every single copy on the planet, in fear that the original snoozefest will put people off going to see the new one. (As far as I'm aware, an unprecedented move from a studio.) If you were hoping to catch up with it before the sequel, the DVD seems to be only available from private sellers on the web and will set you back at least twenty quid, even for a used copy. And the Blu-Ray? That's available in your dreams.

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