Sunday, 6 February 2011

Blue Valentine

This is not the “anti-date movie” or “misery porn” you’ve been led to believe it is. Blue Valentine is not all doom and gloom, I promise. Indeed, there are lows but there are also highs. It simply examines all of life’s rich tapestry. The closest film relation is probably the work of John Cassavetes. As with his work; it is sweet, horrible, touching, uncomfortable, funny etc etc... (Basically, the whole emotional shebang.)

The film is an examination of a couple’s relationship, jumping back and forth in time between the honeymoon period and when things go sour. The ridiculously talented Ryan Gosling and ridiculously talented Michelle Williams play that couple with ridiculous authenticity. TV’s Young Hercules and Dawson’s Creek’s Jen have a come a long way, baby.

The film is co-written (along with Cami Delavigne and Joey Curtis) and directed by Derek Cianfrance who you haven’t heard of till now because he’s been developing the film for fifteen years. Not exactly sure of the how’s and why’s for that timeframe but am guessing the man is a serious perfectionist. He should be commended on his tenacity for making the film he wanted to make. It’s a thing of beauty. I just hope he doesn’t become a latterday Kubrick or Terence Malick, in terms of low output. Then again, is quantity a small price to pay for quality?

Highly recommended.

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  1. The question on everyone's lips? Is it as funny as Wendy & Lucy?