Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie

When many sitcoms pack their bags in search of sunshine it not only feels unlikely but often removes everything that worked. The Inbetweeners Movie takes the boys away to sunny Malia in Greece but it all feels right. That’s exactly what four friends such as these might do; unlike a bunch of colleagues of wildy differing age and class (e.g. the staff of Grace Brothers heading off to Costa Plonka). The Inbetweeners TV series had thrown just about every kind of humiliation possible at Will, Simon, Jay and Neil. The movie had to turn things up to eleven. And where better place than a vile resort flowing with booze and bodily fluids, a place where Brits, like annoying wasps, are everywhere.

Having finished school, our four heroes travel away on a journey of discovery. Well… make that, in Jay’s words, “two weeks of sun, sea, booze, minge, fanny and sex”. Death in Venice this is not. As things go from bad to worse to great, we witness the behaviour of an uncivilised and Neanderthal species: Brits abroad. Not only are the supporting cast embarrassing, silly and unsophisticated, so are the protagonists. And amazingly, we still root for them. Perhaps it speaks to everyone’s inner idiot. Actually, the only ones resembling anything near sensible are the four girls they meet, which rubbishes any possible notions of sexism.

Cinematically, it doesn’t have that much to offer. It does have some semblance of story without just being a series of vignettes. Aside from a few helicopter shots, it doesn’t look a lot different from the TV show. But really, who cares? Spinal Tap is not exactly renowned for its camera work, nor is The Life of Brian. Am not saying it’s in those kinds of leagues, but my point being: comedies simply need jokes. And this is hilarious.

For Inbetweeners virgins, I wouldn’t exactly say avoid it but it’s probably advisable to know what you are letting yourself in for. (Check out the trailer on Youtube.) But if you like the show you have to go. Seeing it with a laughing mass of devotees is riotously good fun. Us fans helped smash the opening weekend record of a UK comedy (previously held by Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason). And unlike that movie, this one deserves every bit of its success.


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